Sacred implements

The exterior habiliments which the master of the art should wear ought to be of linen, as well as those which he weareth beneath them; and if he hath the means they should be of silk. If they be of linen the thread of which they are made should have been spun by a young maiden.

The characters shown in Figure 55 should be embroidered on the breast with the needle of art in red silk.

The shoes should also be white, upon the which the characters in figure 56 should be traced in the same way.

The shoes or boots should be made of white leather, on the which should be marked the signs and characters of art. These shoes should be made during the days of fast and abstinence, namely, during the nine days set apart before the beginning of the operation, during which the necessary instruments also should be prepared, polished, brightened, and cleaned.

Besides this, the master of the art should have a crown made of virgin paper, upon the which should be written these four names:— JEHOVA, in front; ADONAI behind; EL on the right; and GIBOR on the left. (See Figure 57.) These names should be written with the ink and pen of the art, whereof we shall speak in the proper chapter. The disciples should also each have a crown of virgin paper whereon these divine symbols should be marked in scarlet. (See Figure 58.)

Take heed also that in clothing thyself with these aforesaid habiliments, that thou recite these Psalms:—6

(Ps14=KJV15) Domine quis habitat. (Lord, who shall abide….)
(Ps130=KJV131) Domine non est exaltatum (Lord, my heart is not haughty….)
(Ps83=KJV84) Quam dilecta [sunt] tabernacula (How amiable are thy tabernacles….)
(Ps136=KJV137) Super Flumina Babilonis (By the rivers of Babylon….)
(Ps126=KJV127) nisi Dominus aedificaverit domum (Except the Lord build the house….)
(Ps116=KJV117) Laudate Dominum omnes gentes (O praise the Lord, all ye nations….)
(Ps66=KJV67) Deus misereatur nostri (God be merciful unto us….)
(Ps67=KJV68) Exsurgat Deus et dissipentur (Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered….)

After this perfume the vestments with the perfumes and suffumigations of the Art, and sprinkle them with the water and hyssop of the Art.

But when the master and his disciples shall commence to robe themselves after the first Psalm, and before continuing with the others, he should pronounce these words:—

ANCOR, AMATOR, AMIDES, THEODONIAS, PANCOR, PLAGOR, ANITOR;7 through the merits of these holy angels will I robe and indue myself with the vestments of power, through which may I conduct unto the desired end those things which I ardently wish, through thee, O most holy ADONAI, whose kingdom and empire endureth for ever. Amen.

The places best fitted for exercising and accomplishing magical arts and operations are those which are concealed, removed, and separated from the habitations of men. Wherefore desolate and uninhabited regions are most appropriate, such as the borders of lakes, forests, dark and obscure places, old and deserted houses, whither rarely and scarce ever men do come, mountains, caves, caverns, grottos, gardens, orchards; but best of all are cross-roads, and where four roads meet, during the depth and silence of night. But if thou canst not conveniently go unto any of these places, thy house, and even thine own chamber, or, indeed, any place, provided it hath been purified and consecrated with the necessary ceremonies, will be found fit and convenient for the convocation and assembling of the spirits.

These arts or operations should be carried out at the prescribed time, but if there be no time specially appointed it will be always better to perform them at night, which is the most fit and proper time for the operations of necromancy; this is also a symbol that it is just and right to hide them from the sight of the foolish, the ignorant, and the profane.

But when thou shalt have selected a place fitting, thou mayest perform thine experiments by day or by night. It should be spacious, clear, and bounded on all sides by hedges, shrubs, trees, or walls. Thou shalt thyself cleanse it thoroughly and render it neat and pure, and while doing this thou shalt recite Psalms:

(Ps2=KJV2) Quare fremuerunt gentes (Why do the heathen rage….)
(Ps66=KJV67) Deus misereatur nostri (God be merciful unto us….)
(Ps53=KJV54) Deus in nomine tuo salvum (Save me, O God, by thy name….)
After this thou shalt perfume it with the odours and suffumigations of the art, and shalt sprinkle it with the water and the hyssop; and after this thou mayest in this place make all the necessary preparations for an operation.

But when, later on, thou shalt go unto this place, to complete and accomplish the operation, thou shalt repeat on the way thither the following prayer in a low and distinct voice:—

LAZAY, SIMAY, NONZAY, ORION, NAZARION most powerful, OCCIDAMON most strong, SEDON most mighty, YOD HE VAU HE, IAH, AGLA,1 assist me an unworthy sinner who have had the boldness to pronounce these holy names which no man should name and invoke save in very great danger. Therefore have I recourse unto these most holy names, being in great peril both of soul and of body. Pardon me if I have sinned in any manner, for I trust in thy protection alone, especially on this journey.
Let the master as he goeth sprinkle the path with the water and hyssop of the art, while each of his disciples shall repeat in a low voice the prayer which we have enjoined for the days of fasting and preparation.

Furthermore, let the master appoint his disciples to carry the things necessary for the art.

The first shall bear the censer, the fire, and the incense.

The second; the book, the paper, the pens, the ink, and the various perfumes.

The third; the knife, and the quill knife.

The master; the staff, and the wand.

But if there be more disciples present, the master shall distribute the things for each to carry, according to their number.

When they shall have arrived at the place, and all things being disposed in their proper order, the master shall take the knife5 or other convenient consecrated magical implement of steel, wherewith to form the circle of art which he intends to construct. This being done, he must perfume it, and sprinkle it with water; and having warned and exhorted his disciples, he shall work thus:

First let him6 have a trumpet made of new wood, on the one side of which shall be written in Hebrew with the pen and ink of the art these Names of God, ELOHIM GIBOR, ELOHIM TZABAOTH (see Figure 59); and on the other side these characters (see Figure 60).

Having entered into the circle to perform the experiment, he should sound his trumpet towards the four quarters of the Universe, first towards the East, then towards the South, then towards the West, and lastly towards the North. Then let him say:—

Hear ye, O spirit N, I command you.7 Hear ye, and be ye ready, in whatever part of the Universe ye may be, to obey the voice of God the mighty one, and the names of the Creator. We let you know by this signal and sound that ye will be convoked hither, wherefore hold ye yourselves in readiness to obey our commands.

This being done let the master complete his work, renew the circle, and make the incensements and fumigations.

In order to properly carry out the greatest and most important operations of the art, various instruments are necessary, as a knife with a white hilt, another with a black hilt, a short lance, wherewith to trace circles, characters, and other things.

The knife with the white hilt (see Figure 61) should be made in the day and hour of Mercury, when Mars is in the sign of the Ram or of the Scorpion. It should be dipped [*tempered] in the blood of a gosling and in the juice of the pimpernel [*pimpinella],2 the Moon being at her full or increasing in light. <Dip therein also> the white hilt, upon the which thou shalt have engraved3 the characters shown. Afterwards perfume it with the perfumes of the Art.

With this knife thou mayest perform all the necessary operations of the art, except the circles. But if it seemeth unto thee too troublesome to make a similar knife, have one made in the same fashion; and thou shalt place it thrice in the fire until it becometh red-hot, and each time thou shalt immerse it in the aforesaid blood and juice, fasten thereunto the white hilt having engraved thereon the aforesaid characters, and upon the hilt [*blade] thou shalt write with the pen of art, commencing from the point and going towards the hilt, these names AGLA, ON, as shown in figure 61. Afterwards thou shalt perfume and sprinkle it, and shalt wrap it in a piece of silken cloth.

But as for the knife with the black hilt (see Figure 62) for making the circle, wherewith to strike terror and fear5 into the spirits, it should be made in the same manner, except that it should be done in the day and hour of Saturn, and dipped in the blood of a <black> cat and in the juice of hemlock, the characters and names5a shown in Figure 62 being written thereon, from the point towards the hilt. Which being completed, thou shalt wrap it in a black silk cloth.

The quill knife or pen and the short lance6 (figure 63 or 64) are made in the same way, in the day and hour of Mercury, and they should be dipped in the blood of a magpie7 and the juice of the herb Mercury.8 Thou must make for them handles of white boxwood9 cut at a single stroke from the tree, at the rising of the Sun, with a new knife, or with any other convenient instrument. The characters shown should be traced thereon. Thou shalt perfume them according to the rules of art; and wrap them in silk cloth like the others

The quill knife or pen and the short lance6 (figure 63 or 64) are made in the same way, in the day and hour of Mercury, and they should be dipped in the blood of a magpie7 and the juice of the herb Mercury.8 Thou must make for them handles of white boxwood9 cut at a single stroke from the tree, at the rising of the Sun, with a new knife, or with any other convenient instrument. The characters shown should be traced thereon. Thou shalt perfume them according to the rules of art; and wrap them in silk cloth like the others.

The staff (see Figure 68) should be of elderwood or cane;and the wand (Figure 69) of hazel, in all cases the wood being virgin, that is of one year’s growth only. They should each be cut from the tree at a single stroke, on the day of Mercury, at sunrise. The characters shown should be written or engraved thereon in the day and hour of Mercury.

This being done, thou shalt say:—

ADONAI, most holy, [EL, most strong], deign to bless and to consecrate this wand, and this staff, that they may obtain the necessary virtue, through thee, O most holy ADONAI, whose kingdom endureth unto the ages of the ages. Amen.

Swords are also frequently necessary for use in magical arts. Thou shalt therefore take a new sword which thou shalt clean and polish on the day of Mercury, and at the first or the fifteenth hour, and after this thou shalt write on one side these divine names in Hebrew, YOD HE VAU HE, ADONAI, EHEIEH, YAYAI;16 and on the other side ELOHIM GIBOR (see Figure 70); sprinkle and cense it and repeat over it the following conjuration:—

I conjure thee, O sword, by these names, ABRAHACH, ABRACH, ABRACADABRA, YOD HE VAU HE, that thou serve me for a strength and defence in all magical operations, against all mine enemies, visible and invisible.
I conjure thee anew by the holy and indivisible name of EL strong and wonderful, by the name SHADDAI almighty; and by these names QADOSCH, QADOSCH, QADOSCH, ADONAI ELOHIM TZABAOTH, EMANUEL, the First and the Last, Wisdom, Way, Life, Truth, Chief, Speech, Word, Splendour, Light, Sun, Fountain, Glory, the Stone of the Wise, Virtue, Shepherd, Priest, Messiach Immortal; by these names then, and by the other names, I conjure thee, O sword, that thou servest me for a protection in all adversities. Amen.

This being finished thou shalt wrap it also in silk like all the other instruments, being duly purified and consecrated by the ceremonies requisite for the perfection of all magical arts and operations.

Three other swords should be made for the use of the disciples.

The first one should have on the pommel the name CARDIEL20 (see Figure 71); on the lamen of the guard, REGION (Figure 72); on the blade, PANORAIM HEAMESIN21 (Figure 73).

The second should have on the pommel the name URIEL (Figure 74); on the lamen of the guard, SARION (Figure 75); on the blade, GAMORIN22 DEBALIN (Figure 76).

The third should have on the pommel the name DAMIEL or RAPHAEL (Figure 77); on the lamen of the guard, YEMETON (Figure 78); on the blade, LAMEDIN ERADIM23 (Figure 79)

O God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, deign to bless these odoriferous spices so that they may receive strength, virtue, and power to attract the good spirits, and to banish and cause to retire all hostile phantoms. Through thee, O most holy ADONAI, who livest and reignest unto the ages of the ages. Amen.
I exorcise thee, O spirit impure and unclean, thou who art a hostile phantom, in the name of God, that thou quit this perfume, thou and all thy deceits, that it may be consecrated and sanctified in the name of God almighty. May the Holy Spirit of God grant protection and virtue unto those who use these perfumes; and may the hostile and evil spirit and phantom never be able to enter therein, through the ineffable name of God almighty. Amen.
O Lord, deign to bless and to sanctify this creature of perfume so that it may be a remedy unto mankind for the health of body and of soul, through the invocation of thy holy name. May all creatures who receive the odour of this incense and of these spices receive health of body and of soul, through him who hath formed the ages. Amen.

After this thou shalt sprinkle the various spices with the water of the art, and thou shalt place them aside in a piece of silk as in other cases, or in a box destined for the purpose, so that thou mayest have them ready prepared for use when necessary.

When thou wishest to use the incense, thou shalt kindle a fire of fresh charcoal, in earthen vessels newly glazed within and without, and thou shalt kindle fire fresh with flint and steel, and the fire being lighted thou shalt say over it as follows, before putting the spices thereon:—

I exorcise thee, O creature of fire, by him through whom all things have been made, so that every kind of phantasm may retire from thee, and be unable to harm or deceive in any way, through the invocation of the most high creator of all. Amen.
Bless, O Lord all powerful, and all merciful, this creature of fire, so that being blessed by thee, it may be for the honour and glory of thy most holy name, so that it may work no hindrance or evil unto those who use it. Through thee, O eternal and almighty Lord, and through thy most holy name. Amen.

This being done, thou shalt put the spices upon the fire in the censor, and make what perfumes and suffumigations thou requirest.

Over fumigations of evil odour thou shalt say:—

TZABAOTH, MESSIACH, NGHIMANUEL, ELOYN GIBOR, JEHOVAH;3 O God, who art the Truth and the Life, deign to bless and sanctify this creature of salt, to serve unto us for help, protection, and assistance in this art, experiment and operation, and may it be a succor unto us.

If it be necessary to sprinkle with water anything required in the art it should be done with a sprinkler.

Prepare a censer in the day and hour of Mercury, with the odoriferous spices of the art. After this thou shalt take a vessel of tin or earth, which thou shalt fill with most clear spring water, and thou shalt have salt. and say these words over the salt:—

TZABAOTH, MESSIACH, NGHIMANUEL, ELOYN GIBOR, JEHOVAH;3 O God, who art the Truth and the Life, deign to bless and sanctify this creature of salt, to serve unto us for help, protection, and assistance in this art, experiment and operation, and may it be a succor unto us.

After this cast the salt into the vessel wherein is the water, and say the following Psalms:

[Ps101=KJV102] Domine exaudi orationem meam et clamor meus (Hear my prayer, O Lord: and let my cry come unto thee.)
[Ps53=KJV54] Deus in nomine tuo saluum (Save me, O God, by thy name)
[Ps6=KJV6] Domine ne in furore tuo arguas me, neque in ira (O Lord, rebuke me not in thine anger, neither chasten me)
[Ps50=KJV51] Miserere mei Deus secundum magnam misericordiam (Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy loving kindness)

Thou shalt then make unto thyself a sprinkler of vervain, fennel, provinca, sage, valerian, mint [majorana], garden-basil, and rosemary,5 gathered in the day and hour of Mercury, the moon being in her increase. Then cut a handle with a single stroke from a virgin branch of hazel; the length should be three spans.6 Bind together these herbs with a thread spun by a young maiden, and engrave upon the handle on the one side the characters shown in Figure 82, and on the other side those given in Figure 83.

After this thou mayest use the water, using the sprinkler whenever it is necessary; and know that wheresoever thou shalt sprinkle this water, it will chase away all phantoms, and they shall be unable to hinder or annoy any. With this same water thou shalt make all the preparations of the art.

It hath been ever the custom among all nations to use fire and light in sacred things. For this reason the master of the art should also employ them in sacred rites, and besides those for reading the conjurations by, and for the incense, in all operations lights are necessary in the circle.

For this reason he should make candles of virgin wax in the day and hour of Mercury; the wicks should have been made by a young girl; and the candles should be made when the moon is in her increase, of the weight of half a pound each, and on them thou shalt engrave these characters with the iron pen (stylus) of the art. (See Figure 84.)

After this thou shalt repeat over the candles, these Psalms:

[Ps150=KJV150] Laudate Dominum in sanctis eius (Praise the Lord in his sanctuary)
[Ps102=KJV103] Benedic anima mea Domino (Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me)
[Ps116=KJV117] Laudate Dominum omnes gentes (Praise the Lord, all nations)
and shalt say:—

O Lord God, who governest all things by thine almighty power, give unto me, a poor sinner, understanding and knowledge to do only that which is agreeable unto thee; grant unto me to fear, adore, love, praise, and give thanks unto thee with true and sincere faith and perfect charity. Grant, O Lord, before I die, and descend into the realms beneath, and before the fiery flame shall devour me, that thy grace may not leave me, O Lord of my soul. Amen.

After this thou shalt add:—

I exorcise thee, O creature of wax, by him who alone hath created all things by his Word, and by the virtue of him who is pure truth, that thou cast out from thee every phantasm, perversion, and deceit of the enemy, and may the virtue and power of God enter into thee, so that thou mayest give us light, and chase far from us all fear or terror.

After this thou shalt sprinkle them with the water of the art, and incense them with the usual perfumes.

And when thou shalt wish to kindle them thou shalt say:

I exorcise thee, O creature of fire, in the name of the sovereign and eternal Lord, by his ineffable name, which is YOD, HE, VAU, HE; by the name IAH; and by the name of power EL; that thou mayest enlighten the heart of all the spirits which we shall call unto this circle, so that they may appear before us without fraud and deceit through him who hath created all things.

Then thou shalt take a square lantern, with panes of crystal glass, and thou shalt fit therein the candle lighted, to read by, to form the circle, or any other purpose for which thou shalt require it.

He who hath attained the rank or degree of exorcist, which we are usually accustomed to call magus or master according to grade, whensoever he desireth to undertake any operation, for the nine days immediately preceding the commencement of the work, should put aside from him all uncleanness, and prepare himself in secret during these days, and prepare all the things necessary, and in the space of these days all these should be made, consecrated, and exorcised.

Having completed the period of seclusion,2 let him go on the day and hour of the commencement of the work, unto the place set apart for the same, as hath been said, in the place concerning the formation of the circle. Let him instruct his disciples on no cause whatsoever to move from their assigned places. And the magus should exhort them with a bold and confident voice as follows:—

Fear ye not, my beloved companions, seeing that we draw near unto the desired end;
therefore, all things being rightly done and the conjurations and exorcisms diligently performed, ye shall behold kings of kings, and emperors of emperors, and other kings, princes, and majesties with them, and a great crowd of followers, together with all sorts of musical instruments, yet nothing should either the magus or his disciples fear.

And then let the magus say:—

I exhort you by these holy names of God, ELOHIM, ADONAI, AGLA, that none of you now presume to move or cross over from your appointed stations.
This being said, let the magus and his disciples uncover the holy pentacles and show them towards each quarter, and they being shown in each place, there shall be noises and rushings.

Then shall the emperor of (the spirits) say unto you:—

From the time of the great Addus3 until now, there hath not been an exorciser who could behold my person, and unless those things4 which ye have showed unto us hath been made, ye would not now have seen me. But seeing that ye have powerfully called us, as I believe, by the rites derived from Solomon, and which but few of your comrades, or exorcisers, possess, also they compel us against our will, and I therefore say unto thee that we wish to be obedient in all matters.

Then shall the magus place the petitions of himself and his companions, which should be written down clearly on virgin card, or paper, beyond the circle towards the king or prince of the spirits, and he will receive it and take counsel with his chiefs. After this he will return the card, saying:— That which thou desirest is accomplished, be thy will performed, and all thy demands fulfilled.

All things employed for writing, etc., in this art, should be prepared in the following manner.

Thou shalt take a male gosling, from which thou shalt pluck the third feather of the right wing, and in plucking it thou shalt say:—

ABRAY, HABYLY, SAMAY, TIEDONAY, ATHAMAS, SEAVER, ADONAI, banish from this pen all deceit and error, so that it may be of virtue and efficacy to write all that I desire. Amen.

After this thou shalt sharpen it with the quill knife of the art, perfume it, sprinkle it, and place it aside in a silken cloth.

Thou shalt have an inkstand made of earth or any convenient matter, and in the day and hour of Mercury thou shalt engrave thereon with the stylus of art these names:— Yod, He, Vau, He, Metatron, Iah Iah Iah, Qadosch, Elohim Tzabaoth (see Figure 85) and in putting the ink therein thou shalt say:

I exorcise thee, O creature of ink, by ANAIRETON, by SIMULATOR, and by the name ADONAI, and by the name of him through whom all things were made, that thou be unto me an aid and succor in all things which I wish to perform by thine aid.

As it sometimes happeneth that it is necessary to write with some noble colour, it is well to have a new white inkhorn wherein to keep them. The principal colours will be yellow or gold, red, celestial or azure blue, green, and brown; and any other colours that may be requisite. Thou shalt exorcise, perfume, and sprinkle them in the usual manner.

Take the feather of a swallow or of a dove, and before plucking it thou shalt say:—

May holy MICHAEL the archangel of God, and MUTIEL and MINIEL,3 the chiefs and captains of the celestial army, be my aid in the operation I am about to perform, so that I may write herewith all things which are necessary, and that all the experiments which I commence herewith may through you and through your names be perfected by the power of the most high Creator. Amen.

After this thou shalt point and complete the pen with the knife of the art, and with the pen and ink of the art thou shalt write upon its side the Name, ANAIRETON (see Figure 86),

and thou shalt say over it the following Psalms:
[Ps132=KJV133] Ecce quam bonum, et quam iocundum (Behold how good and how pleasant….).
[Ps116=KJV117] Laudate Dominum omnes gentes (O praise the Lord, all ye nations….).

Virgin paper, or card, is that which is new, pure, clean, and exorcised, never having served for any other purpose.

Virgin parchment is necessary in many magical operations, and should be properly prepared and consecrated. There are two kinds, one called virgin, the other unborn. Virgin parchment is that which is taken from an animal which hath not attained the age of generation, whether it be ram, or kid, or other animal.

Unborn parchment is taken from an animal which hath been taken before its time from the uterus of its mother.

Take whichsoever of these two classes of animals thou pleasest, provided only that it be male, and in the day and hour of Mercury; and take it to a secret place where no man may see thee at work. Thou shalt have a marsh-reed cut at a single stroke with a new knife, and thou shalt strip from it the leaves, repeating this conjuration:—


I conjure thee by the Creator of all things, and by the king of angels, whose name is EL SHADDAI, that thou receivest strength and virtue to flay this animal and to construct the parchment whereon I may write the holy names of God, and that it may acquire so great virtue that all which I shall write or do may obtain its effect, through him who liveth unto the eternal ages. Amen.

Before cutting the reed recite Psalm:

[Ps71=KJV72] Deus iudicium tuum Regi da (Give the king thy judgments….)
After this, with the knife of the art, thou shalt fashion the reed into the shape of a knife, and upon it thou shalt write these names: AGLA, ADONAI, ELOHI (see figure 87),through whom be the work of this knife accomplished. Then thou shalt say:—

O God, who drewest Moses, thy well beloved and thine elect, from among the reeds on the marshy banks of the Nile, and from the waters, he being yet but a child, grant unto me through thy great mercy and compassion that this reed may receive power and virtue to effect that which I desire through thy holy name and the names of thy holy angels. Amen.

This being done, thou shalt commence with this knife to flay the animal, whether it be virgin or unborn, saying:—

LAZAY, ADONAY, DALMAY, SHADDAI, TETRAGRAMMATON, ANERETON, ANEFENETON, CURETON4 and ye holy angels of God; be present, and grant power and virtue unto this parchment, and may it be consecrated by you, so that all things which I shall write thereon shall obtain their effect. Amen.

The animal being flayed, take salt, and say thus over it:—

God of Gods, and Lord of Lords, who hast created all things from negative existence, deign to bless and sanctify this salt, so that in placing it upon this parchment which I wish to make, it may have such virtue that whatsoever I may write on it hereafter may attain its desired end. Amen.

Afterwards rub the said parchment with the exorcised salt, and leave it in the Sun, to imbibe this salt for the space of an entire day. Then take a large earthen vessel glazed within and without,5 round the outside of which thou shalt write the characters in Figure 88.

After this thou shalt put powdered lime into the vessel, saying:—

ONAY, ZARON, LAINON, ZEVARON, THIPHION, ELION, be ye present and bless this lime so that it may attain the desired effect, through the king of the heavens, and the God of the angels. Amen.

Take then exorcised water and pour it upon the said lime, and place the skin therein for three days, after which thou shalt take it thence, and scrape therefrom the lime and flesh adhering, with the knife of reed.

After this thou shalt cut, with a single stroke, a wand of hazel, long enough for thee to form a circle therewith;take also a cord spun by a young maiden, and small stones or pebbles from a brook, pronouncing these words:—

O God Adonai, holy and powerful father, put virtue into these stones, that they may serve to stretch this parchment, and to chase therefrom all fraud, and may it obtain virtue by thine almighty power.

After this, having stretched the said parchment upon the circle and bound it with the cord and stones, thou shalt say:—

AGLA, YOD, HE, VAU, HE, IAH, EMANUEL, bless and preserve this parchment, so that no phantasm may enter therein.

Let it dry thus for three days in a dark and shady place, then cut the cord with the knife of art, and detach the parchment from the circle, saying:—

ANCOR, AMACOR, AMIDES, THEODONIAS, PHAGOR, ANITOR,be present for a guard unto this parchment.

Then perfume it, and keep it in silk ready for use.

No woman, if her flowers be upon her, should be permitted to see this parchment; otherwise it will lose its virtue. He who maketh it should be pure, clean, and prepared.

But if the preparation of the aforesaid parchment seemeth too tedious, thou mayest make it in the following manner, but it is not so good.

Take any parchment, and exorcise it; prepare a censer with perfumes; write upon the parchment the characters in Figure 89, hold it over the incense, and say:—

Be ye present to aid me, and may my operation be accomplished through you; LAZAY, SALMAY, DALMAY, ADONAI, ANERETON, CEDRION, CRIPON, PRION, ANAIRETON, ELION, OCTINOMON, ZEVANION, ALAZAION, ZIDEON, AGLA, ON, YOD HE VAU HE, ARTOR, DINOTOR,12 holy angels of God; be present and infuse virtue into this parchment, so that it may obtain such power through you that all names or characters thereon written may receive due power, and that all deceit and hindrance may depart therefrom, through God the Lord merciful and gracious, who liveth and reigneth through all the ages. Amen.

Then shalt thou recite over the parchment these Psalms:

[Ps71=KJV72] Deus iudicium tuum Regi da (Give the king thy judgments, O God)
[Ps116=KJV117] Laudate Dominum omnes gentes (O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him)
[Ps133=KJV134] Ecce nunc benedicite Dominum (Behold, bless ye the Lord, all ye)
[Dan3.57] Benedicite Omnia Opera (O all ye works of the Lord, bless ye)

Then say:—
I conjure thee, O parchment, by all the holy names, that thou obtainest efficacy and strength, and becomest exorcised and consecrated, so that none of the things which may he written upon thee shall be effaced from the Book of Truth. Amen.

Then sprinkle it, and keep it as before said.

The cauls of newly-born children, duly consecrated, may also he used instead of virgin parchment. Also paper, satin, silk, and the like substances, may be employed in operations of less importance if duly exorcised and consecrated.


Wax and virgin earth are also employed in many magical operations, whether to make images, or candles, or other things; therefore they should never have been put to any other use. The earth should be dug up with thine own hands, and reduced to a paste, without touching it with any instrument whatever, so that it be not defiled thereby.

The wax should be taken from bees which have only made it for the first time, and it should never have been employed for any other purpose; and when thou shalt wish it to avail thyself of the one or the other, thou shalt before commencing the work repeat the following conjuration:—



After this repeat these Psalms:
[Ps130=KJV131] Domine non est exaltatum cor meum (Lord, my heart is not haughty)
[Ps14=KJV15] Domine quis habitabit in tabernaculo tuo (Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle?)
[Ps101=KJV102] Domine exaudi orationem meam (Hear my prayer, O Lord)
[Ps8=KJV8] Domine Dominus noster quam admirabile (O Lord our Lord, how excellent)
[Ps83=KJV84] Quam dilecta Tabernacula tua Domine (How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord)
[Ps67=KJV68] Exsurgat Deus et dissipentur inimici (Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered)
[Ps49=KJV50] Deus Deorum Dominus locutus est (The mighty God, even the Lord, hath spoken, and called)
[Ps53=KJV54] Deus in nomine tuo salvum me fac (Save me, O God, by thy name)
[Ps71=KJV72] Deus iudicium tuum Regi da (Give the king thy judgments, O God)
[Ps132=KJV133] Ecce quam bonum, et quam iucundum (Behold, how good and how pleasant)
[Ps113=KJV114+115] In exitu Israhel de Aegypto domus (When Israel went out of Egypt, the house)
[Ps125=KJV126] In convertendo Dominum captivitatem (When the Lord turned again the captivity)
[Ps46=KJV47] Omnes gentes plaudite manibus (O clap your hands, all ye people)
[Ps45=KJV46] Deus noster refugium, et virtus (God is our refuge and strength)
[Ps21=KJV22] Deus Deus meus respice me (My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?)
[Ps50=KJV51] Miserere mei Deus secundum magnam (Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness)
[Ps129=KJV130] De profundis clamavi ad te Domine (Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord)
[Ps138=KJV139] Domine probasti me et cognovisti me (O Lord, thou hast searched me, and known me)

and say:—

I exorcise thee, O creature of wax (or of Earth), that through the holy name of God and his holy angels thou receive blessing, so that thou mayest be sanctified and blessed, and obtain the virtue which we desire, through the most holy name of ADONAI. Amen.
Sprinkle the wax and put it aside for use; but take note that the earth which should be dug up with thy hands should be prepared every time thou hast need thereof.

In many experiments it is necessary to use certain tools, such as a needle for sewing or pricking, or other needs. It should be prepared starting on the day and hour of Jupiter, making the needle, or other instrument, and not finished in that hour, but in the day and hour of Venus. And afterwards when finished, say over it this conjuration:

I conjure thee, O needle (or other instrument),3 by God the Father almighty, by the virtue of the heavens, of the stars, and of the angels who preside over them; by the virtue of stones, herbs, and animals; by the virtue of hail, snow, and wind; that thou receivest such virtue that thou mayest obtain without deceit the end which I desire in all things where I shall use thee; through God the creator of the ages, and emperor of the angels. Amen.

Afterwards repeat these Psalms:
[Ps3=KJV3] Domine quid multiplicati sunt (Lord, how are they increased that trouble me)
[Ps7=KJV7] Domine Deus meus in te speravi (O Lord my God, in thee do I put my trust)4
[Ps9=KJV9+KJV10] Confitebor tibi Domine in toto corde meo (I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart)5
[Ps41=KJV42] Quemadmodum desiderat Cervus ad (As the hart panteth after the water brooks)
[Ps59=KJV60] Deus reppulisti nos et destruxisti nos (O God, thou hast cast us off, thou hast scattered us)
[Ps50=KJV51] Miserere mei Deus secundum magnam (Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness)
[Ps129=KJV130] De profundis clamavi ad te Domine (Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord)

Perfume it with the perfumes of the art, and sprinkle it with exorcised water, wrap it in silk and say:—



When any instrument of the art is properly consecrated, it should be wrapped in silk and put away, as we have said

Take, then, silk of any colour except black or grey, whereon write the words and characters in Figure 90

And the following words:

Adonay, Amasias, Anareton, Pneumaton, Agla Ensof, Cados, Auar, Amacor, Arcilor, Semamphoras, Lameleuana, Capteplseriod, Semiferos Eos, Bos, Elohim.

Perfume it with incense of good odour, sprinkle it, and recite these Psalms:
[Ps8=KJV8] Domine Dominus noster (O Lord our Lord)
[Ps71=KJV72] Deus iudicium tuum Regi da (Give the king thy judgments, O God)
[Ps133=KJV134] Ecce nunc benedicite Dominum (Behold, bless ye the Lord)
[Ps64=KJV65] Te decet hymnus Deus in Sion (Praise waiteth for thee, O God, in Sion)

After this thou shalt put it aside for seven days with sweet spices; and thou shalt use this silk to wrap all the instruments of the Art.

Whensoever in any operation it is necessary to write characters, and thou fearest that thou wilt fail, do this: [With the quill pen of the art and a scarlet or cinnabar color,] write at the beginning the name EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH (Figure 91), and at the end the name AIN SOPH (Figure 92) [which signifies ‘Infinite’]; between these names write what thou wishest, and if thou hast anything especial to do bear the said written names upon the wrapper in silk, and thou shalt say over them:—

Most wise and most high creator of all things, I pray thee for thy pity3 and mercy that thou mayest grant such virtue and power unto these holy names, that thou mayest keep these characters from all deceit and error, through thee, O most holy ADONAI. Amen.

After having repeated this thou shalt write the requisite characters, and thou shalt not fail, but shall attain thy desired end.